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Home care 1 stop solutions

Your home needs all the care you can provide. That’s why calling on our team of Singapore handyman is the best way to go about your home maintenance-related concerns. An on-site accessment will be done on your home, We’ll inspect every nook and cranny of your home to see if everything is working perfectly.

What We Do

providing a hand to house owner

Handy work

If you have a handyman needs in your house that required to be installed, repaired, or replaced, we are more than ready to help you out. All you need to do is contact us and we’ll get there as soon as we can to provide a solution to your predicament.

Our team is experienced in carpentry work, fixing of door knot, installing shelving, Installing of bathroom accessories etc

We usually response 2 – 4 hours upon receiving your enquires.

Painting Work

A property has to look good all the time. To make sure that happens, a property should be painted properly. Furthermore, its tiles should be arranged in a correct manner. If your place has a set of painting and tiling concerns, we can come on over and solve them for you.


Making your property resistant against the weather is very crucial. This is true, especially with unpredictable weather conditions that disrupt our daily schedule. Our services include provisions for your property to be waterproofed. We only use premium materials and tools as we perform various kinds of waterproofing jobs.

As a result, your property will protected by any sudden downpour of rain or unwanted water leakages.

Electrical Work

homeowners rely on various appliances to provide a certain degree of comfort and convenience. These appliances run on electricity as their source of power.

When your home’s electrical system is working properly, we can find what’s wrong and act to repair it immediately. We are experienced in repairing all sorts of electrical problems at a speed that’s conducive to your everyday living.


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