Electricity is such an important resource in our everyday lives. Having the use of electricity in our homes, offices, and other locations we frequent allows us to benefit from various appliances. In turn, the respective functions of these appliances help us work, relax, and fulfill other tasks. If electricity is absent in a place we’re staying, you can expect a lot of chaos and confusion to ensue. Plus, you will also experience a certain degree of discomfort with the use of electricity to power your appliances. As such, arming yourself with different causes for power outages can be really helpful. Here are some of the most common ones.

Lightning Storms

There will be times when the sky is clear from any sign of rain but lightning will be present. When a lightning bolt hits an electrical post near your area, your home’s power source may be affected. Lightning storms are rarely a cause for power outages due to particular components that compensate for the sudden surge of electricity. Nevertheless, if the lightning is too strong, these electrical components won’t be able to handle it and cause your power supply to be cut.


Like lightning storms, typhoons are another natural disaster that can cause a power outage. The combination of strong winds and rainfall can affect electricity posts and the wires connecting to your property. Furthermore, typhoons can also lead to flooding and make the situation at hand a lot worse. When this happens, you need to turn off your power supply switch and unplug all your appliances from their electrical sockets. Even though there isn’t any power flowing into your home, there is still a imminent danger waiting for you if your electrical appliances get wet.

Wildlife Animals

Although power outages caused by animals are hard to come by, there is still a chance of this unfortunate event to happen. Wildlife animals, such as snakes, can come into contact with electrical wires and fry themselves to death. Along with their demise, they can also bring your electricity source down. Once you find any wildlife animal near electrical posts, it’s better to call on a professional to get rid of them for you.

Defective Circuit Breakers

Basically, circuit breakers function by turning off your electrical system when too much power is being consumed. This is preventive measure that will protect your property from any sudden electrical outburst. Using defective circuit breakers will make the risk greater and cause power outages faster. The best course of action in this case is to call on a professional electrician Singapore to check on your circuit breakers. If this contractor finds a reason to replace your current circuit breaker, have it done immediately to prevent any electrical accident.

Using Too Much Appliances

Speaking of appliances, plugging in too much of them in your home or office can overload your electrical system. Once this happens, the aforementioned circuit breaker will fail and cause you to suffer a power outage. It’s better to use your appliances in an economic manner to maintain your electrical system better. At the same time, using energy-efficient electrical fixtures will help lower your power consumption.