Yes, another year is just beginning in the next couple of days. In less than a week, we will face another exciting year again. All of us want to have a better year and we make all sorts of plan to make this coming year much better than the last.

In making an analysis on how to do things better in the coming years, we should not forget our homes and how to protect them from harsh weather conditions. Remember that weather is one thing that we cannot control, so we better prepare ourselves and our dwelling from extreme heat and heavy rains. Otherwise, all the plans we have for the year may just go to waste because of a disaster brought by a strong typhoon. Thus, we’ll give you early preparation tips to protect your residential property from rainy seasons.


Secure the gutter

Gutter is the pathway of water from the roof. Therefore, if your gutters function well, you won’t have to worry about rainwater entering your home from above. Check your gutter to make sure there are no leaks and there is no blockage.


Check the windows and doors

When water cannot enter from the roof, the next entryways would be the windows and doors. Strong and gusty winds may cause damage to your windows and doors and this is a potential problem. Secure these parts of the house by installing flood boards and sealing cracks where water could enter. It would also be better to hire professionals who offer waterproofing services Singapore.


Have your home waterproofed

Waterproofing is a process of keeping your whole house, including the walls and interiors safe from  flood and rainwater. The whole process is complicated because there are several methods of waterproofing involved and each method is too technical to be done without the help of professionals. And even if you already hired a contractor that provides waterproofing services, you still have to prepare your home before the waterproofing process even begins.


Move your electronics, electrical appliances, and important documents

We cannot overemphasize the need to organize or reorganize your house in preparation of the rainy season. In fact, even before you hear of any typhoon coming in Singapore, you need to move some of your things when the rainy season begins.

The first things to move are the electronic and electrical gadgets, appliances, and equipment as well as important papers or documents. You have to place all these things in the second floor of your home. If you don’t have a second floor, at least place them in secured plastic containers or in an elevated area of your house. Obviously, these items are prone to damage and are hazardous when they come in contact with water. Put protective covers on the sockets too.


Inspect and repair wooden structures

Wooden parts of the house are easily damaged and rotten when exposed to water. It’s actually advisable to replace all weak wooden materials in your house and replace them with waterproof ones like steel, metal, or water-resistant wood. Before rainy season starts, inspect these wooden structures and ask a reliable carpenter for consultations on what to do.


Clear the perimeter

Finally, take care of your backyard and frontyard. Inspect the vicinity of your house for loose and dangling electrical wires, damaged electrical posts, and huge branches of trees that may fall on your roofs when strong winds blow. Check for hazardous substances and chemicals as well that may spill, seep through the soil, and enter your waterways.