Keeping your home safe

In one of the case studies conducted by the Energy Market Authority, it was recorded that a worker received a fatal electric shock when he tried to operate a cement mixer in a construction site. The cause of the accident is a strand of loose wires that were not properly insulated.

This is only one of the many major accidents in Singapore that resulted from a simple negligence in handling electrical tools and equipment. You can only imagine how security measures were put in place in these sites and yet an accident like this happened to a worker.

These same risks are present in every household in Singapore because we all have electrical fixtures and equipment in our homes. We better be vigilant in protecting our families from this kind of accidents by hiring capable electrician Singapore households need to handle all our electricity-related concerns.

List of Services

electrical services
electrician singapore
  1. Fans

Ceiling, Standing, and Wall Fans


  1. Electrical Fixtures
    • Circuit breakers
    • Power and Wall Sockets
    • Switches
    • Fuse
    • Fittings


  1. Communication Devices
    • Phone Lines
    • Intercom


  1. Lighting Systems
    • Bulbs
    • Chandeliers


  1. Appliances
    • All Kitchen Appliances


  1. Specialized Services
    • Electrical System Assessment
    • Rewiring work (Repair and Replacement)
    • Safety switch reset

In line with this, we have keeps ourselves abreast with what’s new in the  field of energy and electricity all around the world. We also upgrade our gears and tools periodically to ensure that you only get quality services from our team of professional electricians.