How we love the touch of vintage rustic in our own homes, right? There’s a different magic that this specific theme brings to our home. A vintage wooden cabinet or a classy floating shelf that’s made of reclaimed wood is surely a stunner. In fact, whenever we see one at a friend’s house, we’d say, “I’ll have that for my own home.”

If you’ve been saying this to yourself for a long time but you still don’t have any rustic home decor at home, check these ideas out to create some that you can finally fill your home with.


Wooden branch candleholders

Make your shower experience luxurious everyday without having to check in at a hotel. How? Put some aromatic candles inside your bathroom and place them in tree branches to add a dash of fantasy. Of course, the question is, how? Easy! You’ll just need a drill and a hand saw, plus your candles! Make sure the wood does not contain any insect or pest because you will put it inside your house.

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Cut both ends of the stump and drill the top according to the size of the candle you want to use. After drilling, use the sandpaper to make the top surface smooth. Do the same process with the other tree stumps. Three of them would be enough. After that, you have a certified rustic addition to your bathroom! You can even have your whole bathroom repainted to give it a total transformation.


Wooden coasters

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You can either use a pressure washed reclaimed wood or a tree stump sliced thinly for this wooden coaster project. You don’t need to dispose of the reclaimed wood from an old cabinet or fence because they’d be perfect to use for rustic wooden coasters. Just cut the tree stump into half an inch slices. Use the sandpaper to smoothen the surface, and put some varnish on them. Let these thin wooden pieces dry and you’ll have wooden coasters for your daily coffee.


Tree branch for lights

This is one of the favorites in the list! Imagine having a branch of tree on the ceiling with light bulbs hanging on them. It’s as rustic as it can get! This one-of-a-kind chandelier will surely make a statement in your house.

Photo from Vlaz

What you need to do is to pick a tree branch of the size that’s perfect for the wooden rustic chandelier that you envision. Engage handyman services Singapore contractors provide instead of doing it on your own. It’s hard to go for a DIY project if it involves electricity, especially if they hang above the ceiling, posing danger to anyone at anytime.


Big Wooden Trays

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These big wooden trays are just like the coasters we’ve talked about earlier. You can create these monster rustic trays my following the same steps for making wooden coasters. You just need to find huge tree stumps for this project.


Floating shelves

These home additions are both functional and stylish. You can use reclaimed wood for this project. After pressure washing the reclaimed wood, cut its edge about two inches deep. The 2-inch space on the edge is where you will attach the cleats so your shelf will be firmly positioned on the wall.

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Smoothen the reclaimed wood’s surface and varnish it. You can opt to paint it with your desired color if you prefer it to varnishing. In order to install the wooden shelf on the wall, you have to use cleats. These cleats shall be attached to the wall and the shelf attached to the cleats. Drill holes on the wall first to place stud on the surface. Attach the cleats to the stud and finally attach the shelf to the cleats.