Keeping your house well-illuminated is a must these days. Residential properties, especially those with a small number of windows, are often dim. The lack of light makes even the simplest of tasks a lot harder. On the other hand, homes with a good amount of lighting, whether natural or artificial, are more conducive to your rest and relaxation.

At the same time, performing various tasks with proper lighting helps us focus more. In this light, it’s important to take a look at your existing lighting fixtures to determine if they are still working properly. As such, here are some tips to help you find out if you need to replace your current light bulbs right away.


It doesn’t illuminate a room well

First and foremost, the most obvious sign you need to replace your current light bulbs is they don’t illuminate well anymore. If you notice you can read a book clearly before and the same can’t be said nowadays, your light bulbs might have accumulated a lot of usage over the years. If you continue to use these old light bulbs, they can break down sooner than later. Worse, it can start an accident in your home. It’s better to take them out right away and replace them with new ones.


Your old light bulbs emit an odd sound

Have you ever noticed a buzzing sound every time you turn the lights on? You might imagine there are a couple of bees near you due to this strange sound. If you listen to it very hard, you’ll find your old light bulb to be the culprit behind it. This buzzing sound is caused when an aging light bulb vibrates. This means the connection between various internal components inside the light bulb are starting to fail. If you notice this buzzing sound, don’t wait any longer and replace them right away. In doing so, you are protecting your house’s electrical system from any potential harm.


Sometimes, these bulbs shine brighter than the usual

Sometimes, there’s also a problem waiting for you if your light bulbs shine brighter than the usual. If you see your current bulbs shine stronger, they might be due for a replacement. That’s because this strong glow is a clear indication your light bulb will go out soon. You can think of it as some sort of ‘Last Hurrah’ before the inevitable happens. When you also notice other signs along with a stronger glow, be proactive and get those old light bulbs out immediately.


These bulbs flicker

A more common signal that a light bulb is about to fail is when it flickers. Just like the strange sound being emitted by old light bulbs, the flickering of light means that its internal components are beginning to fail. This is the reason why the light generated is inconsistent and flickers every now and then. If it happens on a regular basis, wait no longer and take them out right away. Better yet, you can call on a recommended electrician Singapore to help you prevent any electrical problems from happening because of these aging bulbs.