Excited for the new addition to your family? When expecting a baby, setting up the nursery room is always one of those things that parents pay so much attention to. Moms and dads start to plan out the decorations, the furniture, and the overall theme of the baby’s room.

In trying to come up with the design of the nursery room, consider the safety of the baby too. Here, we’re going to share some practical design and handyman tips that will make this special room beautiful and safe for your baby.


Modify or create furniture

When designing a nursery room, you also have to think of the future and how you can make the furniture and fixtures still useful for your child even years from now. You also have to be practical with your choices.

So instead of buying a mini table for your child that can actually be expensive, you can just modify your existing table or create one. By doing so, you can customize the table you will create or modify to conform to the theme of the room. You can also choose the safest material and install some safety features on these tables to make you feel more at peace. Remember to make a table that’s not too small so your child can use it even when he turns 6 or even older.



Skip the Plants

Although plants may improve the indoor air quality of the nursery room, it can do more harm than good to your little ones. If these plants are not maintained some insects may dwell on them, including flying insects that can harm your baby. Leave the plants outside, within view from the window if possible, so your baby can still see nature even from the inside of the nursery room.


Apply safe window treatments

The dimensions of your windows should not be too big that too much light of the sun will enter the nursery room. Too much heat causes sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). If the window in the room is too big, let handyman Singapore contractors make some modifications on this, including installation of provisions for blinds or window curtains.

Another window treatment to avoid are long drapes that are tripping hazards. This is just so unsafe especially when your child starts to learn how to walk.


Painting works wonders

Finally, choose paint colors that will develop the creativity of your baby. Don’t settle for just the usual baby pink or powder blue. Rather, go wild and bold. Introduce  colors to your child early on so he or she can be exposed to the world of arts.

The paint color of the nursery room will define the atmosphere of your baby’s haven, so make it grand. Splurge, if you must. Let it make an impact to your child’s growth. You can even put beautiful mural painting on the wall or hire a professional to do it. Aside from what’s beautiful, they also know what quality of paint is safe for your child.