Most homeowners would get pets to make their residence livelier. Usually, people would gravitate towards getting a cat or a dog. Both of these domesticated animals are great choices and can make any house a better place to live in.

Along with pets, your household also has a lot of electrical components and appliances. If these two come together, your pet would be on the losing end. If handled incorrectly, your pet may sustain injuries and cost you dearly to heal them up.

In this regard, it would be prudent for you to be preventive when it comes to electricity and your pets. Here are some simple tips to pet-proof your home’s electrical system.


Make sure the cords are far away from your pets

Every appliance has a cord that you need to attach to an electrical socket. If you’re habit is to leave the cord plugged into the socket all the time, there’s a chance your pet will chew it up. Once this happens, your pet will be in grave danger. Don’t allow that to happen by removing all appliances from their corresponding sockets when you’re not around. In this way, you can help prevent any unwanted injury and save a little bit of energy every time you are not in the house.


Have an emergency kit prepared for emergencies

In the unfortunate event you pet gets electrocuted, you should be prepared for it. The best thing to do in this situation is to have an emergency in your home. This kit should contain provisions for injuries that can be caused by exposure to electricity. It should also have medical measures for other kinds of injuries as well. You can use this, not only on your pets, but for anyone living in your residence.


Place appliances that move or produce heat away from your pets’ reach

There are some appliances in your home that move or create a significant amount of heat. Some of these include the fan, electric oven, and water heater, among others. Since your pet doesn’t have any idea what these things do, they won’t know the danger of being near these appliances. The wisest course of action is to place these appliances on an elevated platform where your pets won’t be able to reach them.


Add some protection for your electrical sockets

Speaking of your pets not knowing which objects to stay away from, the electrical socket is also included in those things. These sockets have holes in them which might tempt your pets to check them out. These animals may use their noses or tongues, which are wet with their saliva. Once this happens, they will instantly be killed on the spot. It’s better to get plastic covers for your electrical sockets so they would not be exposed to danger. In the event your sockets have been tampered by your pets, the best thing you can do is call on an electrical handyman Singapore to repair them.


Train your pets well

Last, but not the least, you can train your pets to know which areas of your home are off-limits to them. You can do this task yourself or ask a professional to train your pets for you. What’s important is they learn how to obey you when you tell them to stay in their designated areas inside your home.