It’s always a hassle to keep your home dry when the rain starts and there are leaks all over. Aside from affecting the quality of your belongings, the presence of these leaks can cause certain ailments and diseases for everyone inside your residence. If this is prevalent problem in your home, you might want to consider having it waterproofed.

In this way, you get to preserve the quality of your house and provide additional protection when the weather suddenly turns for the worse. It might incur some amount of money, time, and effort on your part but all of these things will be worth the trouble.


What is waterproofing anyway?

Basically, this particular act prevents any form of water from infiltrating your house. Every nook and cranny of your house is reinforced with certain materials to block the entry of water and prevent it from affecting your residential living experience. Waterproofing your property is a must, especially if you live in tropical countries where typhoons and rainstorms are a constant occurrence in a year.


Why waterproofing your home is a great idea

Speaking of tropical countries, Singapore is one such nation where rain is prevalent. As such, waterproofing your residence in this nation provides a lot of benefits. Foremost among them is the protection of your home against rain water leaking through various points in your property. This will help preserve your appliances, supplies, and even the health of your loved ones.

Another reason why you should have your home waterproofed is to preserve, and even increase its value. Along with applying a new coat of paint for your house, waterproofing is a good way to raise your property’s value. If ever you decide to sell your property, you can be assured of a financial profit in return. As compared to houses that don’t have waterproofing, waterproofed residences are much easier to sell.

But before you go ahead with this process, you need to know what kind of waterproofing method best suits your house. Here are three waterproofing types you might want to check out.


Brick Bet

Rainwater can enter a house when one or several of its seals have begun to crack. A brick bet waterproofing method applies a mixture of cement and chemicals to seal those cracks. Once the sealant mixture has dried up, the whole thing is covered with china mosaic tiles to make everything look good. This method is very easy to do and it doesn’t cost a lot for homeowners.


Polyacrylic Chemical Coating

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Another kind of waterproofing method you may want to consider is a Polyacrylic chemical coating. This specific method entails the use of chemical solution that is applied all over your house. This solution is stronger than conventional methods and is ensured to last longer due to the polyacrylic mixture’s nature. At the same time, the application of these chemicals requires trained contractors because of its complexity.


Pre-rainy Season Roof Maintenance

Since roofs are at the highest point of a structure, their integrity is vital to keeping rainwater out of your place. That’s why having a roof maintained and waterproofed is a guarantee against the entry of rainwater into a structure. This method is most commonly used in buildings due to its tall height.