How dear our pooches are to us, right? We can’t imagine life without these sweet creatures who keep us smiling and laughing even when they can’t speak a word.

For dog and cat lovers, we treat them as family members and not mere pets. We feed and bathe them as if they’re little babies who never grow old. We’re even willing to spend any amount just to keep them happy and healthy. In return, they give us love and loyalty, happiness, and touching moments that only a loving pet can give. Scientific research even proves that they make us healthier in more ways than one.

In this article, we’re hoping to give you additional knowledge on how to improve your pet’s quality of life. We’re sharing some home decorating tips that will make your furry family members happier. Yes, there are such ways to do that. Previously, we’ve shared with you some nursery room ideas for your little ones.

Now, we’re sharing one way of making your home more pet-friendly. And that is by picking the right paint color for your beloved dogs and cats. Wait no more because here we go!


Energy-boosting YELLOW

First off, you should know that not all colors are recognizable by our pets’ eyes. Since they have less retinal cones, our beloved pooches cannot see as many colors as we see. They cannot see red or pink. Sad to hear, right? Well, don’t feel sorry for them. The shades that they see are enough to make them happy. What we should do is to take advantage of this knowledge and pick those colors that will improve their lives.

One such color is yellow. This vibrant shade makes them more energetic. It perks them up when depressed or sad. If you have a dedicated space in the house for your pet, turn the walls into yellow by hiring pros who are knowledgable about pet health and who provide painting services Singapore residential and commercial clients need. They might even tell you which shade is better for your pooches. These yellow walls are perfect for dogs who are not very active.


Calming BLUE

Even for human beings, this color just gives a calming and relaxing feel. By merely looking at a light blue shade of any wall, we easily feel better as if swept away by a cool breeze. Just imagine having this soothing paint color on the wall of your home. Not only you, but even your pet, would feel that calming ambiance inside the house or room with this shade painted on the wall. Don’t make the mistake, however, of painting your indoor area with turquoise. Your pets won’t appreciate this color at all because turquoise is not recognizable by their eyesight.


Happy Orange

Lastly, tangerine or any orange shade would also be an excellent choice of paint color for your beloved furry friends. According to studies, this color instantly emits a joyful atmosphere when dogs and cats look at it. This works well with pets who are left alone inside the house during the day because this color helps them feel independent and satisfied even without anyone else around. Of course, we cannot erase the loneliness they feel when they cannot see us. But an orange wall would somehow alleviate this sad emotion. Orange is even one of the great colors to put in a playroom to make it more welcoming to kids.