The entrance area to the house and the hallway are the spaces that give the first impression of the interior to our guests. However, these are often neglected places, as we opt exclusively for their functionality while forgetting the decoration. A corridor paint beige or another light color, storage cabinet shoes, a mirror and a coat rack, that’s enough, right? Not at all! There are many reasons to think outside the box and opt for a decorative hallway painting and a decoration of the original entrance!

Making the clever use of colors, light and adding an eye-catching piece of furniture or some design accessories, you can easily stage an interior design gem that is noted right from the front door.

So, to decorate your entrance, read some interesting ideas discussed in this article that will help you in a better way.

Revamp the entrance of your home

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Paint hallway aesthetically for the space that welcomes all

The color scheme for the painting of hall is the essential element for a good first impression. The shades you will choose will represent your thoughts and reveal a great deal about your personality. For instance – a reserved and passive person on one side and a sociable, ambitious person, on the other hand, are not going to choose the same color of corridor paint.

Keep in mind that, in most cases, cream, beige, light taupe or off-white is the color selection that make a suitable background when you have to complement them with decorative accents.

revamp the entrance

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Lend some Pop-art style

The choice of the entrance painting is always made according to the style and the design that one wishes to apply. To bring a note of gaiety while creating a fantasy atmosphere, play with the card of colorful house painting. Lend some pop-art style, inspired by the comic book characters and colorful designs to embellish and spice up the atmosphere.

decorate the entryways

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Greet patterned wallpapers as an alternative to colors

The layout of the entrance is not as easy as we think. Apart from standard house painting colors, choose the contemporary and designer wallpapers. And, to give an artistic look to the walls, opt for the ornamental wallpapers rather than a casual flash or house painting. On the other hand, if you are keen on minimalism pushed to the end, all you have to do is adopt pep color associated with a softer shade.

ways to revamp the entrance

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Decorate the entrance wall with neutral and white beige

Let your guests fall in love with the lobby of your home, which features a mix of warm tones, brought by the light beige walls. Further, the solid wood furniture will harmonize the cozy aspect of the floor as well as the decorative accents.

Welcome Geometric Patterns

The general spaces are sworn by light hues! This rule is particularly true for the corridor that stands out for its elongated shape and narrowness. So, to achieve the desired results, simply parry the hallway walls with a mix of light tones and geometric tones. Thus, it will complete the space with an ultra design.


Have fun and know that your entrance decor don’t necessarily have to follow the color wheel and theories of design to spruce up its grace.